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We bring you the delightful and distinctive sounds of these living traditions; the strum of the banjo, the pluck of the mandolin and the honey-with-lemon saw of the fiddle, as they interpret the joyful rhythms of Celtic, Appalachian, folk, classical, jazz, Klezmer, Cajun, Latin, African music... and more.

We can lead you in the steps; square, contra, country or folk. Quadrille, swing, Cajun, African, Israeli, Latin or any of more than 300 different dances.

We'll be your guide to these ageless forms and times past - from England, Scotland, Ireland and France; Israel and Africa, and from New England, Louisiana and the Native American tribes.

The BRIGHTEST MEMORIES, forever gleaming and glowing like the candle's flame, begin with Homespun Occasions. Located in Albany, New York, Homespun Occasions provides entertainment throughout the Northeast.

Homespun Occasions offers a fresh-as-the-morning entertainment alternative for your next special event; the fun of being part of history as it comes alive through the songs and steps of traditional music and dance.  It's music and dance that capture the imagination and bring together families and communities in a joyous shared experience of harmony and art. 

Traditional Music and Dance Entertainments for:
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Traditional Dance & Music

Fun and laughter for your school, church and community group or for your whole community!

Bring Them An Evening Of Dancing And Music From Around The World:
England, Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Israel, Canada...And Of Course, America.

Your kids' school, your church's youth group, your family at it's annual reunion...everyone will delight in an evening of traditional music and dance.

And it's easy: We bring the musicians, we bring the dance instructor, you just bring a group who're ready for a good time. We can even build anticipation ahead of time with dance workshops for the kids.

Old fashioned, wholesome and non-alcoholic, it's the kind of enjoyment that has brought families and communities together for generations listening to live music from such traditional instruments as the fiddle, the banjo and the mandolin, and dancing the steps of the square dance, the folk dance, the contra dance and so many more.

You tap your foot, you hum along, and before you know it you're up and dancing; kids and parents, friends and sweethearts, all stepping high, all having fun.

Ya'll join in!