Founded in 1986, Homespun Occasions offers a fun-filled alternative for any public and private event. Traditional contra, circle and square dances for community and private celebrations featuring live acoustic music presented by skilled, personable performers appropriate to the venue and audience creates a cheerful and natural atmosphere. When the dancing starts, the steps are easy enough for everyone to participate: the young and old, the nimble and not so nimble. Everyone has a great time!

It’s our goal to help people rediscover the time-honored tradition of community dancing, an activity that naturally fosters a sense of togetherness and goodwill, and which has been taking place throughout the world for thousands of years. Yes, barn raisings can happen with or without the barn!

We have a huge repertoire of traditional dances for all participants to enjoy. Why settle for recorded music, when live music with great musicians can transform your event from dull to divine! If you would love the sound of a fiddle or flute flowing through your event, or would like someone to teach traditional American and/or ethnic dances, contact us to make your next special occasion a Homespun success!