Dance the World Around Virtual Library Programs
with Peter, Paul & George

Programs for children & families

Families and communities have provided for their own entertainment throughout history. This program of community dancing and music helps the audience to develop an awareness that every culture around the world has its own robust traditions in music and dance.

Peter Davis, Paul Rosenberg and George Wilson play music and teach dances that have been used to celebrate weddings, historical events, community gatherings, and to make social commentary. The audience is introduced to the origins, sounds and uses of folk instruments – including fiddle, banjo, ukulele, clarinet, recorder, and guitar.

These videos are chock-full of virtual community–building activities that get everyone up and moving. By engaging in folk dances and singing games, participants experience a variety of styles and customs from different countries. These are living traditions influenced by various cultures over the centuries. Dances presented come from a variety of countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Paul Rosenberg
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Virtual Dance Sampler

Preview of virtual programs of dances and music from around the world. Three videos are available for use by schools, libraries and other entities: for elementary school age children (and their families), for ages seven and under (and their families), and for ages eight and over (and their families)