Dance Repertoire
Our repertoire consists of two components:

  • American Square and Contra Dances which evolved from dances brought by immigrants to America
  • International Folk Dances which retain their ethnic form and flavor

Dances from: America

  • Colonial: Virginia Reel, Yankee Doodle, The Muffin Man, Washing Day, Boston Tea Party, Mrs. Hopkins’ Delight, Sir Roger de Coverly, Galopede, Four Hand Reel, El Vals de los Panos
  • Circle Dances: Ozark Rag, Old Brass Wagon, Heel & Toe Polka, Phrase Craze Mixer
  • African American Singing Games: Head and Shoulders, Zodiac African American Singing Games
    : Head and Shoulders, Zodiac (Zudio), Dinah’s Dead, Down in the Valley, Little Sally Walker, Step It Down, Chicken and a Chicken
  • Anglo American Singing Games: Round de Do Bop, Bobolinka, Jump Jim Joe, Alabama Gal, Can’t Jump Josie, Bingo, Old King Glory, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Old Bald Eagle, The Tree Song, Singing in the Rain
  • Square Dances: Marching Through Georgia, Listen to the Mockingbird, Solomon Levi Square, Duck for the Oyster
  • Contemporary: Intersection Reel, Flat Tire Reel, Zip It Up, Bob’s Jig, Traffic Jam

Dances from: Around the World

  • Belgium: The Chimes of Dunkirk
  • China: Jawoo Pang Iyo (Looking for a Friend), Ee Yay Yay
  • England: Galopede, Sweets of May, Sir Roger de Coverly, Noble Duke of York, Circassian Circle, Polka Poussette, Pattycake Polka
  • France: Lancer’s Quadrille, Bannielou Lamboal, La Boulangere, Maitre de la Maison
  • Germany: Kinderpolka, Lott ist Todt
  • Greece: Lerikos, Trava Trava
  • Hungary: Cshebogar, Kortanc
  • Ireland: Bridge of Athlone, Waves of Tory, Thady You Gander, Siege of Ennis
  • Israel: Zemer Atik
  • Italy: Tarantella, Monferrina
  • Korea: KangkangSulae (A Thief is Captured), Woorijibe Waewatni (Why Do You Come to My House)
  • Latin American: La Raspa, Caimarusa; Carnavalito, Los Machetes
  • Macedonia: Tragnala Rumjana
  • Poland: Trojak
  • Polynesia: Hoe Ana
  • Quebec: Brandy Rump Bump, La Bastringue, Le Capitaine, Brandy Sherbrooke, Lancers Reel, Le Bus, Paul Jones, Les Saluts, Le Reel du Castor, Set a Crocher, La Plongeuse
  • Scandinavia: Seven Jumps, Danish Dance of Greeting, Fjaskern, At the Bottom of the Sea, Gustaf’s Skoal
  • Scotland: The Flying Scotsman, Foula Reel
  • Serbia: Savila Se Bela Loza, Setna, Biserka
  • South Africa: Pata Pata
  • Spain: Baztango Esku-Dantza (Basque), El Vals de los Panos
  • Russia: Troika, Sasha, Korobushka
  • Turkey: Harmandan